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Anyone operating a bar, restaurant, or other food or beverage business has likely spent the past few months focusing on keeping everyone at their business safe. COVID-19 has changed the way so many industries do business, and this is especially true for those in the food industry.


Reusable, high-quality personal protective equipment is vital for those working in this industry to keep both staff members and customers safe. At Preferred Protective Equipment, we have the PPE gear you need to ensure the safety of everyone who walks through your doors.


Our Total Comfort Face Shield™ fits into a harness, creating a more comfortable barrier between customer and staff. Plus, we provide partitions that are easy to set up and sanitize.


At Preferred Protective Equipment, we take your safety seriously and seek to make workplace PPE equipment that will meet the challenges faced in all kinds of industries. We know the unique challenges you face in the food and beverage industry and will make sure you have access to the finest PPE safety equipment on the market.

The Benefits of the Total Comfort Face Shield™

The Total Comfort Face Shield™ sits apart from the face to cut down on fogging and headaches. Easy to wear and to take apart and sanitize, the face shields from Preferred Protective Equipment will provide the comfortable protection needed to keep staff members safe while still enabling them to do their jobs.


See more of the benefits of the Total Comfort Face Shield™ below:

  • Made in the USA: Made completely in the USA, the Total Comfort Face Shield™ is composed of durable materials. 

  • Comfortable: If your staff members are tired of wearing face coverings that limit their mobility and make it difficult to do their jobs, our adjustable face shields and harnesses are the perfect solution. 

  • Affordably Priced: The Total Comfort Face Shield™ can be used over and over again. This cuts down on waste, too!

  • Easy to Use: Whenever you want to take apart and sanitize your face shields, you’ll find it easy to do so. 

Female First responder wearing the Ultralite Total Comfort Face Shield, disposable mask and blue scrubs

Order Your Personal Protective Clothing Today!


  • The team at Preferred Protective Equipment is ready to provide all the necessary PPE you and your staff members need. From correctional facilities to educational institutions to salons and beyond, we are trusted to offer FDA-compliant, comfortable gear that will last for years to come. 

  • Whether your goal is to find a face shield that protects everyone during the time of COVID-19 or you are concerned about your budget at this time, our face shields will be the right choice. Shop our selection of personal protective clothing and gear today. 

  • Remember that we offer more affordable prices in higher quantities, so we can provide better rates and help you protect all of your correctional officers at once. 

  • Shop our selection of face shields and other personal protective equipment today. If you have any questions about how to utilize or purchase these items, feel free to contact us at any time. 

  • We would be happy to give you details about how we can ensure a safe environment at your correctional facility. 

Find the Personal Protective Gear You Need

In addition to offering the best in protection during the time of COVID-19, our face shields will give your customers peace of mind that their safety is being taken seriously. Making decisions that are clearly for the safety of your patrons will go a long way towards keeping customers loyal during these uncertain times.


If you want to invest in face shields and other PPE gear that will make everyone safer (and help them feel safer), turn to Preferred Protective Equipment!


Call us to learn more about our products or shop our selection online today. Whether you want face shields for everyone on your team or you want us to install partitions at checkout areas, we look forward to making sure everyone at your bar, restaurant, or coffee shop is completely safe.

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