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Total Comfort Face Shield™ - Ultra Package - Polycarbonate

Total Comfort Face Shield™ - Ultra Package - Polycarbonate

A reusable, non-invasive face shield, great for ambulance and first responders. The Ultra Total Comfort Face Shield™ is easily disinfected and made from polycarbonate, making it indestructible, reusable indefinitely and a one-time purchase.


Our shield offers eye, nose, mouth and ear-to-ear protection, which is crucial for first responder and ambulance workers. Effortlessly put on and removed with no face or head attachments, making it the ideal PPE to wear for a full day on the move.


The Ultra package is lightweight, non-claustrophobic, and is easy to move around in. The package, including all elements, weighs 4 lbs. and offers more versatility, compared to disposable masks, for workers in industries such as:


Package consists of: 

  • Vest
    • Small/Medium or Large/XL
    • Clear or Black
  • Harness
    • Small/Medium or Large/XL
  • Shield 
  • Shoulder Tethers


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