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Total Comfort Face Shield™ - Ultralite Package

Total Comfort Face Shield™ - Ultralite Package

A reusable, non-invasive face shield for teachers and faculty going back to school, as well as personal service, restaurant, medical, dental, speech therapy, virus testing, cashiers, warehouse, and hospitality workers.


The Adult Ultralite Total Comfort Face Shield™ is easily disinfected and made from high-impact resist acrylic, making it extremely durable, reusable indefinitely and a one-time purchase. Our shield offers eye, nose, mouth and ear-to-ear protection, which is crucial for people surrounded by students, clients, and co-workers every day.


Effortlessly put on and removed with no face or head attachments, making it the ideal PPE to wear for a full day at work. The Adult Ultralite package is lightweight, non-claustrophobic, and is easy to move around in. The package, including all elements, weighs just over 1 lb. and is perfect for these industries:


Package consists of: 

  • Collar
    • Small, Medium or Large
    • Clear or Black
  • Shield 
  • Shoulder Tethers and Harness


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