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Why Face Shields are a MUST for Speech Therapy and Similar Industries.

A few weeks ago we received an order from Dr. Nancy Schwartz, the director of the Communication Clinic of Connecticut, LLC. Dr. Schwartz really opened our eyes to the potential of our Total Comfort Face Shield™.

Dr. Schwartz was able to test and try our Premium Total Comfort Face Shield™. She reached out to us and told us that one of her therapists had worn it during a meeting with one of her students. She said that “the child thought that the suit was funny and was in no way scared! Her mom was upset only that she had not had her better camera with her to take a better quality picture!”

Speech Therapist Wearing Total Comfort Face Shield™
Speech Therapist, Courtney, working with her student while wearing the Premium Total Comfort Face Shield™

Courtney, one of Dr. Schwartz’s therapists at the clinic, had reported that “your protective shields made my first day back at the clinic fun and safe! My kids were not afraid of the shield, and we were able to pick up where we left off 3 months ago! I highly recommend this product, especially to anyone working with easily spooked kiddos!”

"We are very pleased with the product and hope that others will order it as well as it is helping us feel comfortable to return to work. I appreciate that you created this product. Being able to have a full shield in front of us as well as being able to move is the best! Such crazy times for sure.” -Dr. Nancy Schwartz of the Communication Clinic of Connecticut, LLC

We loved hearing from Dr. Schwartz and Courtney and we were so happy to hear that we were able to offer them a solution.

Industries that rely on face to face interaction need a solution. The Total Comfort Face Shield™ allows for clear audio and visual communication, providing both the user and anyone they come in contact with, a personal and easy going exchange, while staying completely protected. The videos below shows the full range of motion and clear audio you will have when wearing your Total Comfort Face Shield™.

Our face shield acts as a Mobile Partition™, allowing the user to move freely and conveniently without having to worry about standing behind a stagnant barrier or stay six feet apart from others. It also protects the user from the chest all the way up to their face, so the worry of working with students, clients or patients from above can be put at ease.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

-The Team at Preferred Protective Equipment

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