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Why are No Head or Face Attachments Crucial for Protective Equipment?

A Face Shield with NO Head or Face Attachments? Sounds impossible but we have decided that it most definitely is not.

Blonde hair stylist cutting woman's hair with face shield and mask on
The Total Comfort Face Shield™ - No Head or Face Attachments.

Not having any attachments to your head or face was our top priority while designing our line of Total Comfort Face Shields™. You’re probably wondering why this was so important. The protective equipment that straps onto your head or fits behind your ears has been resulting in painful headaches as well as bruising and cuts but the most common complaint is FOGGING.

Face masks fog glasses or goggles, shields that are too close your face fog up and when you combine the two, face shields and masks, it seems to be a recipe for disaster.

The lack of head attachments on the Total Comfort Face Shield™ allows for the shield to be far enough away from your face that it will not fog, whether you are wearing glasses and/or a face mask.

There is no pressure or restriction on your face or head so your headaches will be relieved instantaneously. It allows for air circulation around your head which also allows for temperature control and makes our option more breathable.

When you combine the pressure on your head from straps and bands, fogging of your glasses or face shields and overheating from lack of circulation the outcome can lead to frustration, pain, error and extreme discomfort.

The Total Comfort Face Shield™ alleviates all of these unnecessary problems, it will keep you protected AND comfortable. And you can customize your face shield for added personalization to assist in your company's branded promotion, or distinguishment among co-workers and students.

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