Preferred Protective Equipment

How We Got Started

It is about time we introduce ourselves. Hello! We are Preferred Protective Equipment. PPE is a new and rapidly moving company.

We began our journey back in April of this year. PPE is the youngest in our trio of sister companies, Preferred Display Inc. is the eldest of the three and as our abilities and ambitions grew we opened Preferred Visual International to create a full unitary operation with the capacity to create an entire project, from start to finish, in house.

A frequently used term at both PDI and PVI is, “Make It Happen”, and we truly embody this concept into every project, day in and day out. The idea is that no customer should ever leave empty handed or unfulfilled. Whatever the customer needs, we can make it happen. This mantra is what led us into the opening of PPE. We saw a need and we designed a solution.

Many of our team members had reported that their family and friends who work in healthcare were in need of a better solution for protective equipment. We were able to bring the long list of needs down to two most common concerns.

Firstly, the headaches and fogging that generic safety goggles, face shields and face masks create. We were sent images of facial welts and bruises and could not help but notice the exhausted looks from excruciating headaches, on the faces of some of our close family and friends working on the front lines.

The second most common worry was the level of protection that these healthcare workers had when removing ventilators tubes. It is common for patients to regurgitate fluids or cough when a ventilator is being removed. The generic safety goggles, face shields and face masks were doing nothing to protect the attendant from the chin down.

This scenario was most concerning because of the positioning of the attendant directly over the patient, creating a direct pathway for fluids and particles to reach the attendants face, mouth, nose and eyes.

Our founder, Robert Rousseau, knew that with our team of intelligent and creative people alongside our powerful manufacturing capabilities there had to be a solution to this problem and we had to find it. There was no way we could sit still and ignore this when all of these brave people were fearing for their own safety while trying to protect ours. We decided we would make it happen.

We immediately began prototyping designs for a top of the line face shield that would bring confidence back to our front line and we were able to bring our product into market within 3 weeks.

As we tested and finalized our product line we started to make a list of what were the most necessary problems that without question, our face shield had to solve. Our line of Total Comfort Face Shields™ is designed to be reusable, easily cleaned, does not create headaches or fogging, has no head or face attachments, allows for clear audio and visual communication, is comfortable and light weight, and is made 100% in the United States of America.

We are very excited about the potential of this product line and we discovered that it is not only incredibly useful within healthcare but in many other industries as well. The focus on healthcare was and still is incredibly important but as our country reopens more and more people are being put at risk.

Going to work today is not nearly as worry free or painless as it was before our country was exposed to the terrifying pandemic, COVID-19. Restaurant employees, hair stylists, barbers, retail workers, educators and many more are now being exposed to hundreds of people daily.

Their safety and health is a primary concern. We have expanded our product into the world outside of healthcare because we believe it creates the top form of protection and it is one of the only pieces of protective wear that fully considers the users well-being, far beyond their exposure to viruses.

Comfortable and protective? What a thought!

We hope you are staying healthy and safe. If you have any questions about our product or its features, please contact us today!

-The Team at Preferred Protective Equipment

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