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The South Windsor Patch took an interest in our company’s new line of Total Comfort Face Shields™ as soon as it went to market. We were featured on their page back in May but since then the Patch has featured our product line twice in a nationwide feature and an interview of our president, Darryl Phillips. We loved what they had to say about our product line and we wanted to make sure you got a chance to read as well!

A few great points from the South Windsor feature:

"The shield, considered a piece of what has become known as personal protective equipment, was designed for hands-on workers like those in hair salons, barbershops, nail salons, casinos, restaurants and medical and dental facilities, along with cashiers, first-responders and grocery store staffers."
"The shields are also reusable because they can be wiped with disinfecting cloths after each client interaction."

As well as these from the nationwide feature:

"Preferred Protective Equipment offers a more practical, comfortable and efficient solution to get folks back to work safely: reusable, FDA-compliant personal protective equipment."
"The company's patent-pending Total Comfort Face Shields™ are lightweight, easily sanitized and 100 percent made in the USA. And unlike disposable masks and shields, which are thrown out by the millions daily, Preferred Protective Equipment's reusable shields and vests actually help reduce costs and solve logistical/supply chain issues altogether."
"As more businesses reopen, disposable PPE could become more difficult to secure. Preferred Protective Equipment's reusable Total Comfort line eliminates this supply chain issue while simultaneously keeping employees and customers safe and comfortable."

We want to thank the team at for featuring our product and believing in our goal to protect as many people as possible, as soon as possible. Thank you for getting the word out!

-the Team at Preferred Protective Equipment

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