Preferred Protective Equipment


preferred protective equipment


preferred protective equipment

Preferred Protective Equipment (PPE) manufactures the Total Comfort lightweight line of personal protective gear for businesses and individuals. In lieu of disposable face masks and shields, which are thrown out by the millions daily around the world, we've created a reusable solution in order to reduce equipment costs over time and solve logistical/supply chain issues altogether. 

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Our FDA compliant products include a fully adjustable vest and harness, with a removable and reusable safety shield, together forming a non-invasive Mobile Partition - weighing just three to four pounds. These units are easily disinfected in the field and are comfortable to wear over an extended period of time for professionals and individuals including:

  • Virus testing personnel

  • Ventilator removal staff

  • Medical professionals

  • Warehouse staff and line workers

  • Cashiers

  • Students & Teachers

  • First responders

  • Restaurant staff

  • Receptionists

  • Security guards

  • Salon employees

  • Retail employees

  • Casino employees

  • Hospitality staff

 As the need for partitions and face shields is becoming a necessity in many industries our shield is designed to be a Mobile Partition™ that fulfills both needs. By eliminating the obstacles created by static barriers our shield allows for personal interaction and uninterrupted customer service. The shield does not have any face or head attachments, allowing the user to wear it comfortably for as long as necessary. It combines the benefits of both the static partition and classic face shield allowing both your staff and clients to feel completely safe and protected during all interactions and throughout the entirety of your space.

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Realizing staff and patient safety are critical in these challenging times, we would like for you to consider our Total Comfort package as a Mobile Partition™ that is reusable, easily sanitized, comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and 100% made in the USA.


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