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Nothing is more important to healthcare professionals and the medical field than protecting patients. During the time of COVID-19, additional protective measures are more important than ever. 

As someone in the healthcare field or overseeing healthcare professionals, you understand that protective face shields can provide another layer of protection against respiratory droplets and the spread of COVID-19. 

Patients often have vulnerable immune systems, and healthcare professionals tend to work long shifts, so the PPE safety equipment they use needs to be both effective and comfortable. 

Plus, waste is a huge concern, as PPE is often not reusable and deteriorates after a few uses or just one use. Every mask or other piece of PPE you have to throw away has to be replaced.

If you are making decisions about the PPE gear for your medical office or other healthcare facility, it makes sense to invest in a durable, FDA-compliant product instead of cutting corners. 

Preferred Protective Equipment provides a Total Comfort Face Shield™ that checks all of these boxes and more!

Why Choose the Total Comfort Face Shield™?


 The Total Comfort Face Shield™ is a win-win-win: a win for patients, a win for front-line healthcare professionals, and a win for the budget. Safety is our top priority at Preferred Protective Equipment, and we know it’s yours, as well.

Take a look at just some of the many reasons to choose products from

Preferred Protective Equipment:


  • They can be worn over long periods. Since they attach to an adjustable harness, the face shields are more comfortable, especially for those who work long shifts.

  • They offer an immediate return on investment. Instead of throwing away PPE safety equipment and being at the mercy of the supply chain, purchase this item once and reduce waste at the same time!

  • They are easy to use and clean. Each Total Comfort Face Shield™ is simple to disassemble, sanitize, and reassemble. Plus, they’re made to avoid fogging and other common face shield issues. 

  • They’re durable & made in the USA. These face shields are made by the best-equipped acrylic manufacturer on the East Coast.

Hygenist wearing the Total Comfort Face Shield keeping the patient safe of COVID at Select Dental
Healthcare professional in blue scrubs wearing the Ultralite Total Comfort Face Shield

Invest in Superior PPE Safety Equipment Today!


Make an investment in personal protective clothing for the safety of both your employees and their patients. At Preferred Protective Equipment, we focus on creating PPE gear that is durable and effective, which will not just improve safety but is wise for the bottom line. 

Our face shields can also be customized to meet your unique needs. Whatever you require, we have the safety equipment that will allow everyone in the healthcare field to do what they do best, with minimal interruption, discomfort, or fear for their safety. 

Shop our selection of protective face shields and let us know if you have any questions. 

We would be happy to assist you or give you more details about how our products can help protect anyone in the healthcare or medical field.

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