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First Responders often meet vulnerable people under extreme circumstances. As always, safety should be a top priority for them and those who work out their budgets. After all, first responders need to be protected so they can do what they do best. 

At Preferred Protective Equipment, we have designed a face shield that’s easy to use, comfortable, and reusable. That way, the wearer will be protected against respiratory droplets and able to do their job without hindrance!

A safety face shield from Preferred Protective Equipment is a win-win-win for everyone: the Police Officer, Paramedic, or Fire Firefighter, their patients, and the one making choices about the budget. 

The Total Comfort Face Shield™ offered by Preferred Protective Equipment is made 100% in the USA and is FDA compliant. 

If you’re searching for a way to make sure first responders are kept safe in the field, consider investing in our incredibly durable face shields that will be around for the long haul.

What Makes the Total Comfort Face Shield™ Different?


Right now, the market is flooded with products that are designed to protect people from the spread of COVID-19. While other products only scratch the surface of protection, the Total Comfort Face Shield™ is different. 

At Preferred Protective Equipment, we have worked out common issues to provide PPE gear that doesn’t just work, but is comfortable and convenient.

Take a look at some of the many benefits of the Total Comfort Face Shield™:


  • Increased Airflow: The wearer won’t have to worry about fogging or overheating, meaning this face shield will offer minimal disruption. 

  • Easy Maintenance: The Total Comfort Face Shield™ is easy to take off, sanitize, and put back on. Paramedics know that time is essential, and our face shield will give them time to do their job. 

  • Decreased Waste: Our face shields only need to be purchased once because they’re designed to withstand all kinds of conditions. They’re made by the best-equipped acrylic manufacturer on the East Coast. No more throwing out the poorly made PPE gear and having to purchase more over and over again!

Firefighter and first responder wearing the Total Comfort Face Shield for COVID-19 safety
Female First responder wearing the Ultralite Total Comfort Face Shield, disposable mask and blue scrubs

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Whether you are a first responder in the field or are working on budgeting for safety equipment for your team, Preferred Protective Equipment makes it easy to access the most comfortable, smart PPE safety equipment for the job at hand. 


Our Total Comfort Face Shield™ will give everyone the opportunity to continue working as usual while staying protected from COVID-19. 


Take a look at all of our products here or customize your own here. 


As soon as you receive your personal protective gear from Preferred Protective Equipment, you’ll understand why so many first responders, healthcare workers, salon and barbershop staff, and speech therapists are using them every day at work.


Find out more about our products or address your concerns by contacting us today. 


No matter where you work or what’s important to you, we can help give you and the people you serve peace of mind with the most effective workplace PPE equipment on the market today.

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