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In the time of COVID-19, protecting customers, employees, students, teachers, first responders, and everyone else from deadly respiratory viruses is more important than ever. 


But traditional protective equipment is uncomfortable, with many users complaining of headaches and fogged glasses. It’s also typically used once and thrown away.


The solution? The Total Comfort Face Shield™ from Preferred Protective Equipment! 


Reusable and 100% made in the USA, this revolutionary product solves the problems of traditional PPE without sacrificing protection. Users are more comfortable than ever, and the face shield can be used again and again - making it great for businesses’, schools’, and healthcare facilities’ bottom lines.


Make it easy to get back to school and work safely and comfortably. Learn more about the Total Comfort Face Shield™ and place your order today!


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Perfect Solution to

re-open our Schools Safely

Keep students and teachers safe with the Total Comfort Face Shield™! The shield and harness sets come in two different sizes to fit kids and adults. Easy to use and clean, this personal protective gear will help you safely reopen your school, giving parents and teachers much-needed reassurance.

Operating a hair or nail salon puts you in close contact with your clients for long periods of time. Ensure everyone’s safety with the help of our protective face shields, which attach to a harness rather than directly to the head. That means no fogging or overheating now, and no headache after hours of use! Plus it won’t compromise your personal style.

Great for use in Hair & Nail Salons!


Increase Staff and Customer Confidence


No matter what kind of business you run, additional health and safety measures will give staff members and customers peace of mind. Personal protective equipment that fits well and provides full coverage will be a clear indication that you care about everyone who walks through your doors!

Shaker Pines Fire Department, Preferred Protective Equipment

Protect our First Responders

First responders need more protection than most people. After all, their jobs require them to work one-on-one with a wide variety of new people each day. When our first responders are safe, we are safe, too. Make sure the first responders in your employ are fully equipped with the best PPE safety equipment: the Total Comfort Face Shield™.

Designed &

Manufactured in the USA

Komo Router, Preferred Display Inc

At Preferred Protective Equipment, we understand that you want to make wise decisions about your safety and support USA-made goods along the way. We’re proud to boast that our PPE gear is designed and manufactured right here in the United States of America!

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